Top 5 Commercial espresso machines

Planning to buy a new Commercial Espresso machine for your shop? Confused by so many options? No need to worry anymore because we have compiled a list of commercial espresso machines which would be perfect for your business.

We have reviewed these espresso machines on various factors and come up with these top Commercial Espresso Machines which would provide you with high-quality Espressos in just a few minutes.

Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

Cost: $500

One of the most popular and cheaper Espresso machines (top pick at Freshpresso) with its 15 bar Italian pumps, this one is perfect for those small budgeted cafés and can provide you with a mug of quality espresso in just a short time. It features a Thermoblock heating system and a purge function which helps in selecting the temperature for espresso extraction after it has been steamed thoroughly.

It features Triple Prime Pump which helps in releasing 3 bursts of hot water which is used to moisten the grounds to extract the richest flavor from the ground coffee. Its 2.2L removable water tank makes it easier to clean and provide you with large amounts of espresso in just a short time.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Cost: $379

One of the most chosen Espresso machines, this one comes with a 72-ounce removable water tank which makes it easier to brew espresso and then clean it later. This Best Selling model features chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew group which provides amazing heat stability while its user-friendly controls make it easier to use. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Coffee Maker makes for a great alternative to the Gaggia 14101

It comes with a Pannarello Steam Wand that helps in creating rich foam for various beverages and as it comes with both a commercialized and pressurized filter basket, it can easily satisfy the curiosity of both a beginner and an experienced coffee maker.

Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Cost: $3100

Although this Espresso Machine is a little costly, this machine with its dual boilers made of stainless steel which performs both steaming and brewing task are perfect for your advanced café and are bound to produce a barista quality espresso in no time.

Its powerful RPM motor and its rotary pump which helps in connecting to a water source and cuts out the noise allows you to brew a large quantity of ground coffee with ease and make sure that you don’t need to wait for a new cycle of brewing as it keeps the machine heated. It doesn’t require you to do much and handles the whole process internally while providing you with consistent quality coffee.

Breville BES920CBXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Cost: $1259

One of the best Commercial Espresso Machine out there, this machine comes with dual stainless steel boilers and dual Italian pumps which let you extract and steam synchronously. Its boiler is PID temperature controlled which helps in providing precise temperature to make your perfect espresso while Over Pressure Valve(OPV) in your boils helps in limiting the maximum pressure through the whole extraction ensuring that your espresso doesn’t get a bitter taste.

It is user-friendly and provides you all the information on its Backlit LCD while its Auto Start button helps in preheating the machine allowing you to brew multiple cups of espressos one after the other. It also features a descale alert and LCD assisted descale procedure which helps you while competing with other cafes.

Jura IMPRESSA XJ9 Automatic Coffee Machine

Cost: $3598

One of the most costly Espresso Machines out there, this one is easier to use and produces a whole range of beverages with just one push of your finger. Its sleek, symmetrical design and its chrome-plated bean container with its silver finish make it a sight to behold and really popular among most cafés.

With its 500g bean container and 4L water tank, you can easily brew a large amount of coffee at a time and with its fine foam technology, you can create a thick, creamy froth on your beverages providing them with an even higher-quality taste in just a few seconds.

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