Most people love food.  In my family, however, we live to eat.  At holidays, we don’t drink.  We eat.  The taste is so good you cannot stop at “full.” This can sometimes cause problems–I was first diagnosed with high cholesterol in my mid-20s! Food is a powerful force in our society; ignoring that fact does damage to all of us. I firmly believe that you can be addicted to food in a  way that resembles other types of addictions.

Over the years, I’ve found strength and learned to take what for me tastes like comfort food and rework it so I can still eat it. There’s more behind the blog here.

I worked in a kitchen for three years in college. I still rank it as one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The people, the food, the atmosphere–the only downside was how much time I spent trying to keep my nails and skin clean. Oh yeah, and my tired feet at the end of a long shift…