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  • 5 Questions to ask yourself before selecting a Shower Head

    Choosing an efficient shower head for your bathroom is quite easy and simple if you have a few basic questions answered before hand. A fixed shower hand is cheap but a handheld shower hand is much more flexible and can be used to clean your kids and pets too. However, these are not the only parameters that one should consider when selecting a high-quality shower head.

    Shower Head

    So, we have compiled a list of questions that you must ask themselves before they select the best shower head for your bathroom.

    How many people will be using the shower head?

    The first question to ask yourself is that how many people will use this shower head. This is important because if there are more than 1 or 2 people who will end up using your shower head then you would need to determine the adequate height for your shower head. You can’t use a tall shower head or a too short shower head as it might not be comfortable for a few users. So, ask how many people will use your showerhead and then select one for your bathroom.

    How tall shower head do I need?

    Once you have answered how many people use your shower head, then you will need to ask yourself how tall or short are these people. If someone is too tall in your house or too short, then you need a shower head which will be comfortable for both. You can’t select a short height shower head because it won’t be compatible with the tall person and a tall shower head will be difficult for the short person to adjust. In such cases, a handheld showerhead is usually more useful and flexible and can be used by people of all heights.

    How strong is the water pressure in my home?

    Another important question to ask yourself is the water pressure level in your home. If you live in a low water pressure area, then a standard showerhead with 2.5 gpm won’t produce more than a trickle.

    So, if you live in a low-pressure area then you would need to consider a shower head which comes with a removable flow restrictor or higher gpm rate. If you live in a high-pressure area, then you could consider a shower head with lower gpm to conserve water.

    Do I need an extension arm?

    If you have a high ceiling then an adjustable extension arm comes really handy to adjust the height of the shower head. This can be then shared by both tall and short people.

    Do I need multiple spray modes?

    The final question that you need to ask yourself is the types of spray modes that you want in your shower head. If you want a single spray mode, then you don’t have to search a lot, you can just select a shower head which will give you a consistent trickle. If you want multiple spray modes in your shower head, then you need to decide whether you want a shower pattern, massage pattern, or something else.

  • Barbecue Recipe Idea – What To Serve At A Barbeque

    The big question that pops in your head is what to have at a barbecue. This is the kind of question that you face at one point in your life. To start off, you should make a head count of how many people you are going to serve and how many will come to your house when they smell the scent of barbecue.

    Hot Dog Burger

    The next thing that you consider is your budget. Kids surely do not enjoy steaks as much as adults do, so you leave the hot dogs and hamburgers to them. You should know that the money you have will dictate on what kind of recipe that is going to be served. If you do not have enough for a party, why not ask each of the guest families to bring a dish?

    Barbecues the main dish composed of meat. You may want to serve chicken that smells so good when cooking. Just make sure that you do not cook chicken barbecue that is all bloody on the inside. For the main dish, you may opt to choose beef and serve sirloin steaks that are very delicious and healthy for they have the lowest fat in all steak cuts.


    Just make sure that you get the graded beef when buying. Pork can be marinated in dressings so they taste a little different with your rub of choice. The cheapest steak you can get is a chuck steak. If you do want to get a barbecue recipe idea, you may just search the internet for such. A lot of barbecue recipes are available to you; choose the best recipe for your party.

  • Coffee Update #2 : How to clean a French press

    While French press coffee is easy to make, the same cannot be said for its cleaning. Ask anyone who owns a French Press and they will tell you how complicated and grueling it is to clean it. While Filter coffee makers are easy to clean as all you have to do is throw the used Filters and all the grounds, in French Press it is a little messier as all the wet, gritty grounds get accumulated in the bottom of the press.

    But don’t worry, here is a quick way to clean your French Press in no time ensuring that your next pot coffee tastes as amazing as your first.

    • Throw the used grounds

    This is one of the most obvious steps and although there are many ways to do this, the best way would be to collect your used grounds in a garbage can. If you throw the used grounds in your toilet or sink or garbage, it might get messy and it also might clog your sink or toilet. So make sure that you collect your used grounds in a garbage bag or can and then throw it out.

    How do you get all the used grounds out of the press? This is pretty simple, just tap the bottom of the press and hold it upside down over your garbage can. Most of the grounds will come out easy, but if it doesn’t you can use a spoon or a spatula to scoop it out of it. You can also pour some water into your press and then get all the grounds out of it and collect it in your garbage can.

    Once you have gotten rid of all the used grounds, you can move on to step 2 of cleaning your French Press.

    • Disassemble your French Press and Submerge it

    Now that your French Press is clean of all used grounds, time to remove the press components like the plunger, lid, etc. and keep them separately inside a hot, soapy water. You can use either a dish soap or a baking soda to soak your coffee machine and although baking soda ensures that there is no change in the taste of brewed coffee after it is cleaned, there is no harm in using a dish soap too. Just make sure that you rinse your press thoroughly to remove any trace of soap from your press.

    You can also use some coffee machine cleaning powder as these help in removing the coffee oils left behind after each brew.

    • Scrub it completely

    Take a scrub and gently scrub the carafe and plunger and lid to clean them up thoroughly and use baking soda and water to achieve the desired results. Make sure you clean all the press components and scrub them clean for better results.

    • Wipe it dry

    Use a dish towel and wipe all the press components separately. Once you have completely dried them up, you can reassemble them together. You can now use your French Press to make yourself a delicious cup of coffee which will taste as good as your first cup of coffee and will consistently give you the same amazing taste.

  • How to Repair a Karaoke Machine

    Has your Karaoke machine broken down? Are you thinking of getting a new Karaoke machine for yourself? If so, then we would advise you to wait and first try to repair your Karaoke machine. A lot of people think that once the Karaoke machine is broken, it cannot be fixed and one will need to buy a replacement if they want to do with the Karaoke fun but this is not at all true.

    Are you thinking of getting a new Karaoke machine for yourself?

    ION Audio Block

    If so, then we would advise you to wait and first try to repair your Karaoke machine. A lot of people think that once the Karaoke machine is broken, it cannot be fixed and one will need to buy a replacement if they want to do with the Karaoke fun but this is not at all true. However, if you’re not in the mood to repair your karaoke machine then has reviewed a lot of the top karaoke machines from every price range, you should check it out once.

    A lot of people think that once the Karaoke machine is broken, it cannot be fixed and one will need to buy a replacement if they want to do with the Karaoke fun but this is not at all true.

    With this simple guide, you can repair your Karaoke machine in no time at all:

    Check the Karaoke Machine’s connections

    If your Karaoke machine has abruptly stopped working, then you need to first check its connections and determine if there is any loose or frayed connection. To check your Karaoke machine’s connections, follow these steps:

    1. Investigate the power cord of your Karaoke machine and check for frayed or exposed wiring. A lot of times due to wear and tear of the cord, electricity flow fluctuates which results in the malfunctioning of the machine.
    2. If you notice cracks and breaks in your cord, just wrap an electrical tape around it to keep the connection intact.
    3. Check the input/output connections between your Karaoke machine and VCR/TV and ensure that all the connections are tight and in place. If you find some lose connections, make sure you tighten them properly.

    Check your Karaoke CDs

    A lot of times your Karaoke machine might stop playing because the CD has been corrupted or is covered with dust. In such cases, follow these steps to resolve this issue and restart your Karaoke machine without any glitches:

    1. Remove the CDs from the Karaoke machine when it stops working and checks if a new CD is working in the machine. Sometimes an overheated CD can cause the machine to malfunction.
    2. Make sure that you keep your CDs clean by using a dry, lint-free cloth to sweep your CD from the center to the edges. Dirt and dust can cause the CDs to skip so make sure you always keep your CDs clean.
    3. If the CD doesn’t get cleaned by a dry sweep, then pour a little alcohol on it and then gently remove the debris and the dust that has accumulated over the disk. Once you have used rubbing alcohol on it to clean, let it air dry before you put it into the Karaoke machine again.

    Repairing Scratched CDs

    Sometimes Karaoke machines don’t play a song because there are scratches on the CD. You can fix these CDs by following these steps:

    1. Search for scratches on the CDs and then hold it carefully to avoid damaging the other parts of the CD.
    2. Polish the scratched part of your CD with the help of a paste-style toothpaste and lint-free cloth. Use a gentle back and forth motion to achieve this task.
    3. Clean the polish with a lot of running water and let your CD air dry before reusing it.

  • Top 5 Commercial espresso machines

    Planning to buy a new Commercial Espresso machine for your shop? Confused by so many options? No need to worry anymore because we have compiled a list of commercial espresso machines which would be perfect for your business.

    We have reviewed these espresso machines on various factors and come up with these top Commercial Espresso Machines which would provide you with high-quality Espressos in just a few minutes.

    Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

    Cost: $500

    One of the most popular and cheaper Espresso machines (top pick at Freshpresso) with its 15 bar Italian pumps, this one is perfect for those small budgeted cafés and can provide you with a mug of quality espresso in just a short time. It features a Thermoblock heating system and a purge function which helps in selecting the temperature for espresso extraction after it has been steamed thoroughly.

    It features Triple Prime Pump which helps in releasing 3 bursts of hot water which is used to moisten the grounds to extract the richest flavor from the ground coffee. Its 2.2L removable water tank makes it easier to clean and provide you with large amounts of espresso in just a short time.

    Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

    Cost: $379

    One of the most chosen Espresso machines, this one comes with a 72-ounce removable water tank which makes it easier to brew espresso and then clean it later. This Best Selling model features chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew group which provides amazing heat stability while its user-friendly controls make it easier to use. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Coffee Maker makes for a great alternative to the Gaggia 14101

    It comes with a Pannarello Steam Wand that helps in creating rich foam for various beverages and as it comes with both a commercialized and pressurized filter basket, it can easily satisfy the curiosity of both a beginner and an experienced coffee maker.

    Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

    Cost: $3100

    Although this Espresso Machine is a little costly, this machine with its dual boilers made of stainless steel which performs both steaming and brewing task is perfect for your advanced café and are bound to produce a barista-quality espresso in no time.

    Its powerful RPM motor and its rotary pump which helps in connecting to a water source and cuts out the noise allows you to brew a large quantity of ground coffee with ease and make sure that you don’t need to wait for a new cycle of brewing as it keeps the machine heated. It doesn’t require you to do much and handles the whole process internally while providing you with consistent quality coffee.

    Breville BES920CBXL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

    Cost: $1259

    One of the best Commercial Espresso Machine out there, this machine comes with dual stainless steel boilers and dual Italian pumps which let you extract and steam synchronously. Its boiler is PID temperature controlled which helps in providing precise temperature to make your perfect espresso while Over Pressure Valve(OPV) in your boils helps in limiting the maximum pressure through the whole extraction ensuring that your espresso doesn’t get a bitter taste.

    It is user-friendly and provides you all the information on its Backlit LCD while its Auto Start button helps in preheating the machine allowing you to brew multiple cups of espressos one after the other. It also features a descale alert and LCD assisted descale procedure which helps you while competing with other cafes.

    Jura IMPRESSA XJ9 Automatic Coffee Machine

    Cost: $3598

    One of the most costly Espresso Machines out there, this one is easier to use and produces a whole range of beverages with just one push of your finger. Its sleek, symmetrical design and its chrome-plated bean container with its silver finish make it a sight to behold and really popular among most cafés.

    With its 500g bean container and 4L water tank, you can easily brew a large amount of coffee at a time and with its fine foam technology, you can create a thick, creamy froth on your beverages providing them with an even higher-quality taste in just a few seconds.